As a major supplier to critical industries for over 25 years, Patriot’s quality forged components are widely used in commercial, nuclear and severe service environments worldwide. Patriot Forge carries raw material inventory including standard carbonstainless steel, metals and alloy grades.

Pump Component Forgings

Patriot Forge manufactures quality components for the Pump Industry including cylinders, control valves, nozzles, and screw shafts.

Valve Component Forgings

Patriot Forge manufactures valve stems with both square and round heads with excellent properties and sound centerlines. Patriot Forge also maintains a large inventory of ASTM/ASME valve grades such as F9, F22, F91, F51, F6A, as well as a variety of Inconel, Monel & Nitronic Grades for use in forgings for valves.

Bonnets (Shaped disks)

Over the years, Patriot Forge has developed a comprehensive inventory of precision engineered forging dies that allow us to produce near-net-shape forgings. This greatly reduces material and machining costs on a variety of bonnet (shaped disk) configurations. Patriot is happy to develop new custom dies for customers when required.

Heavy Equipment

Patriot Forge has a long history of providing forged components to be used in servicing the forging needs of a variety of specialized industries including:

Mining and Construction (gears, shafts, hollows, hubs, disks, custom shapes for cutter/tunneling parts, attachment parts, drill rods & draglines)

Farm machinery and equipment

Railroad equipment

Shipbuilding + repair

Specialized industrial machinery

Steel mills (metal foundries, gear couplings, pump components, mandrel shafts and
related large scale components)

Forestry/Pulp & Paper (journal ends for roll shafts & refiner disks)


Patriot Forge carries a wide inventory of material grades used in making forged gears including Forged Carbon SteelForged Alloy Steel and Forged Stainless Steel. When you are looking for forged gear blanks in configurations such as rings, disks, flats and bars, let Patriot Forge support your gear business with material ideal for making gear types such as spur gears, helical gears, internal gears, spiral bevel gears, worm gears and rack & pinion gears. If you are searching for forged gear starting stock and don’t see the material that you need in our inventory, please let us know.

For more information on forged parts for industrial applications, please call us toll free at 1-877-495-9542 or 519-758-8100 or email

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